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I started my fitness journey when none of my clothes fit and when I hit my highest weight - 80 kgs. I had two options: buy new clothes or loose weight to fit back to those clothes and i decided the latter.

It was definitely difficult to survive in very less number of clothes. Luckily i work in a startup where everyone are nerds and they never noticed that i was repeating the clothes very often.

I am not an expert but I am sure my tips will help you in your journey.

So, I made some rules on how to loose weight:

  • My office is 2 kms from my home. So, i stopped taking auto/cab to reach to office. I used to walk a total of 4 kms everyday.
  • I stopped eating lunch outside. I started taking box everyday to office.
  • I love playing badminton. So, I started playing badminton twice a week for an hour each.
  • Two things will keep you going on your journey: Goal and Motivation. My main goal even today is to wear a crop top with confidence.
  • As a programmer it is hard to live without coffee. I couldn’t quit coffee back then so I reduced my coffee intake to once a day.
  • With these small changes I saw a difference in my weight and I lost a total of 5 kgs in first couple months. I am still on my journey of becoming fit and i currently weigh 63 kgs.